Digital Front Door

Digital patient engagement platform

What is Digital Front Door?

Digital Front Door is a patient engagement platform enabling healthcare organizations to provide access to care and health information through a single digital service window.

Barriers to care post-COVID have emerged as a leading healthcare challenge, heightened by ongoing resourcing challenges faced by hospitals and other in-person healthcare sites. These challenges occur during the ongoing greater transition to digital-first healthcare and health information services.

Digital Front Door improves access by providing patients and providers a central hub enabling access to health information, advice, triage, digitally enabled care, continuous care and more.

Benefits of Digital Front Door

Remove barriers to healthcare access with multi-channel patient engagement and digital-first triage

Go from initial contact to triage in minutes with chat and teleconferencing functionality

Reduce strain on staff and traditional in-person healthcare sites

Fully configurable for the needs of your organization

Modern user-friendly journey with fully digital patient experience

Single hub for initial interactions with healthcare systems

The Patient Platform for Modern Healthcare

Digital Front Door Features

Unified Workflow

End-to-end patient workflow from intake to patient assessment, virtual visits, continuous care follow ups and transition of care via digital eReferral

Digital Health Directory

Digital directory of healthcare practitioners and community care services

Virtual Visit Enabled

Instantaneous secure virtual visit conferencing and chat between patients and providers

Modern Triage Workflow

Automated patient triage via chat bot, allowing assignment of patients into specialized queues

Phone & Interpreter Ready

Compatibility with inbound phone calls through Twilio and real-time medical interpreters through Voyce

Built For Security

Secure and privacy-compliant digital infrastructure



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