Remove barriers in your day-to-day workflow

eForms solves key challenges in your form processes with a streamlined solution that drives new efficiencies and cost-savings.

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eForms™ replaces outdated paper forms with a comprehensive digital solution letting you easily capture information while improving your workflow. Reduce completion times and error rates, expedite consent capture, and strengthen compliance while reducing costs.

eForms simplifies seniors care workflows with:

  • Remote digital signature capture, sharing, and form review
  • Quick and easy-to-complete web-based, electronic forms
  • Form prepopulation with structured data from electronic health records
  • Ability to turn paper-based forms into a series of questions and prompts

eForms provides real-time analytics letting you track resident volumes, signature adherence, and compliance. You can install eForms in weeks, not months, with all your existing forms perfectly recreated.

Turn forms into key results. eForms users spend up to 65 percent less time on form workflows, and realize a two-fold return on investment within a year.


What sets eForms apart?

eForms simplifies paper-based processes that take up valuable staff time by streamlining workflows around resident admissions, consent, incident reporting, audits, and more.

Forms that once had to be completed manually now prepopulate with resident information using eForms’ EHR integration, while digital entry ensures information is correct the first time. Meanwhile, eForms provides easy access to signed forms, from within an EHR or through our intuitive web-based interface, backed by secure cloud storage.

eForms streamlines your billing using structured data, and provides an effective way to improve compliance management across your organization. Transform hours lost to paperwork into more time to achieve your operational and revenue goals.

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Connected technology

Smart content: We embed content into forms tailored to your needs, ensuring fields are complete, accurate, and the right steps are followed. At the same time, eForms’ EHR integration eliminates duplicate entries.

Unlock new insights: Expand your operational insights with eForms’ structured data capabilities. Form data is available for analysis and real-time monitoring.

Problem-solving support

Fast setup and implementation: Get up and running within three months, not the usual six to 12, with hands-on assistance from our eForms client success team. We recreate your existing forms until they are pixel-perfect.

Achieve your goals: We work with you to customize eForms to your workflow, and assist you with infrastructure, project management, and change management to deliver adoption, benefits, and measurable progress so you reach your goals.

Results at scale

Increase compliance: eForms builds compliance management across your organization through version control, required fields, and pre-population with existing patient or resident data.

Simplify billing: Streamline your billing management no matter your organization size or number of locations. Forms can be easily customized to geographic regions and quickly updated at scale to reflect billing policy changes.

Transform your day-to-day workflow

How eForms helps

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Admissions coordinators and directors

  • Remotely capture signatures, in a secure way
  • Reduce form completion times
  • Minimize errors or inaccurate form information

doctor speaking with administrator

Senior administrators

  • Expedite billing with quicker access to form data
  • Make form data available for analytics and trend analysis
  • Improve compliance management across your organization

finance and operations personnel

Operations, Finance and other teams

  • Unlock access to real-time analytics
  • Minimal IT resources for installation and implementation
  • Save time and consolidate costs across locations


Time-saving integrations

Digital form fields are prepopulated with HL7 data from existing EHRs or in-house systems, cutting completion times.

New view of your resident population

Resident data is digitally captured at the point of admission, providing greater visibility into your resident population and letting you track signatures, compliance metrics, adoption, and more.

Remote signature collection

Securely and remotely capture signatures from residents or their designated Power of Attorney via email, expediting documentation and admission while reducing courier costs, eliminating the need for scanners and fax machines, and saving time.

Turn form data into analytics insights

Make resident data accessible to analytics and dashboard reporting at the macro-to-micro level, generating new insights and exposing inefficiencies.

Light IT impact and fast training

eForms can be quickly implemented without the involvement of IT teams and require less than one week of training for users.

Compatible with existing systems or Think Research’s healthcare cloud

eForms™ integrates with leading EHR systems, MatrixCare, PointClickCare, or Think Research’s cloud healthcare platform, EntryPoint.

EntryPoint provides a single point of access that is system agnostic and HIPPA/PHIPA compliant. Flexible to work at any scale, EntryPoint facilitates the delivery of equitable, high-quality, and cost-effective care, from small rural hospitals to large urban health centres.



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