Think Research Expands Network of Digital-First Primary Care Clinics to Improve Patient Care For Underserved Communities During the Pandemic 

New HealthCare Plus clinic will allow more patients in Toronto to access secure and effective in-person and virtual care 

Toronto, April 14, 2021 — Think Research Corporation (TSXV: THNK) or (the “Company” or “Think“), a company focused on transforming healthcare through integrated digital software solutions, announced today the opening of a new digital-first clinic that modernizes and streamlines the patient experience by offering secure virtual and in-person care for an underserved region in the Greater Toronto Area.

HealthCare Plus, a growing network of digital-first primary care clinics that was acquired by Think in December 2020, uses a technology-first model that allows patients to access healthcare options based on their needs. This includes secure virtual care, in-person appointments, home visits and a walk-in model that lets patients pre-book appointments online to avoid long stays in the waiting room — all in an effort to make healthcare more accessible to everyone.

The new clinic, located at 600 the East Mall in Etobicoke, is currently accepting new patients.

Residents of this area in Etobicoke saw a reduction of healthcare providers in recent years. HealthCare Plus realized there was an urgent need to provide high-quality, digitally integrated care for residents, many of whom are newcomers to Canada.  

Dr. Parminder Singh, co-founder of HealthCare Plus and Managing Director of Clinical Services at Think Research, said “We really want patients to be in the driver’s seat of their own health and improve the way healthcare systems operate. As an advocate for access to healthcare, I understand the importance of access to care in a timely manner, avoiding unnecessary wait times to see a doctor and have seen first-hand how incredibly valuable technology is when it comes to delivering care.”

“No one should have to take a day off work to see a doctor for a routine appointment. At HealthCare Plus, our goal is to save time and keep patients healthy by making healthcare as accessible and efficient as possible.” 

Sachin Aggarwal, Think Research CEO, said “HealthCare Plus is an example of how Think’s leading software solutions can be used in real-world settings to deliver evidence-based care. The clinic’s digital-first model also means that Think’s tools can be deployed in primary care and offer valuable immediate feedback to our software development teams, closing the loop on research and development at a pace that would not be possible for companies without physical healthcare settings.”

On top of offering online appointments, which allows patients to see a doctor from anywhere based on their own schedule, referrals to specialists or other allied health professionals are also done digitally, removing the need for error-prone fax-based referrals. 

As Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues and primary care physicians are included in government plans, HealthCare Plus has completed its application to have its clinics considered as vaccination sites in Ontario. HealthCare Plus already offers patients vaccinations, including annual influenza vaccines, and is eager to integrate COVID-19 vaccines into its roster of services when it is able to do so.

HealthCare Plus has provided care to more than 100,000 patients across Ontario.

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