The tool is the first of its kind in Think’s clinical knowledge network and helps ensure patients receive standardized, evidence-based mental health support in any healthcare setting

Toronto, May 25, 2021 — Think Research Corporation (TSXV: THNK) or (the “Company” or “Think”), a company focused on transforming healthcare through integrated digital health software solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative mental health decision support tool designed to help treat patients experiencing suicidal ideation in acute hospital settings. The tool is the first of its kind in Think’s network and uses an evidence-based, standardized mental health approach to bridge care when immediate access to a psychiatrist is not possible.  

Nearly 25,000 Canadians either died by suicide or stayed in hospital after harming themselves between 2018 to 2019, according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information. People living in remote areas are more likely to stay in a hospital for suicide ideation compared to those in urban centres often due to fewer mental health services available. Studies show the pandemic has worsened mental health for many people, compounding access issues. 

Think’s suicide ideation tool is among the Company’s library of more than 12,000 leading clinical decision support tools, which are designed to deliver the latest evidence-based knowledge to clinicians at the patient point of care, through a software as a service (SaaS) model.

Built on the latest best practices in suicide ideation treatment, Think’s suicide ideation tool guides frontline workers through a course of treatment rooted in evidence and centred on ensuring patients get the most appropriate support. 

Hôpital Notre Dame Hospital in Hearst, Ontario, was the first acute setting to deploy the support tool for patients experiencing suicidal ideation in the rural northern Ontario region. Think worked closely with the clinicians at Notre Dame to ensure the tool meets the needs of patients in their community. 

The tool supports Ontario’s move toward developing a clear set of evidence-based standards for mental health care and can be deployed at scale provincially.

Think’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Research and Development Kirsten Lewis said “Our goal at Think is to ensure that everyone receives the best possible care, no matter their postal code or the healthcare setting. As a nurse, I know that access to mental health support remains a barrier for many Canadians, especially in rural communities, and our suicide ideation tool is designed specifically to help bridge that gap. 

“Improving mental health care saves lives, and we are committed to growing our library of tools to deepen our impact in this vital sector of healthcare.”

Notre Dame Clinical Team Leader Pauline Rodrigue said “It is very important for hospitals to be equipped with some sort of tool to deal with suicide ideation. Mental health is very complex and services for these patients are not always easy to access or navigate. We needed this tool in order to have clear guidelines as to how to proceed when a patient is presenting with suicidal thoughts, whether it’s to admitting doctors or nursing staff. 

“It involves safety measures, structure for both the health professional and patient, and refers to procedures and policies. Developing the tool involved lots of research, and within a couple of weeks of it being deployed in our hospital, it was used almost immediately.”

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