Think Research Increases Access to Leading Digital Referral Program In Effort to Axe the Fax in Healthcare

Healthcare providers across Ontario can now refer patients to specialists without the need for fax machines 

Toronto, June 10, 2021 — Think Research Corporation (TSXV: THNK) or (the “Company” or “Think”), a company focused on transforming healthcare through integrated digital health software solutions, is pleased to announce increased access to its digital referral program through its continued partnership with the Ontario eServices Program.

With this update, physicians across Ontario can now access a web-based directory of other healthcare providers to digitally refer patients to hospitals, specialists, diagnostic imaging services and other allied providers in a timely, effective manner. The Think-led consortium, which includes Ocean by CognisantMD and the Centre for Effective Practice, has been providing ongoing support for the growing use of eReferral in Ontario since 2016. 

Digital referrals eliminate the need for antiquated fax machines, reduce errors and improve patient care by allowing healthcare providers to securely and quickly send important referrals electronically. 

In February, the consortium announced that more than 250,000 digital referrals were processed as part of the Ontario eServices Program. Today, the total exceeds 325,000 referrals processed. Year over year growth in the Program for the three months ending March 31 was 119 per cent. 

Think CEO Sachin Aggarwal said “We are thrilled to see adoption of digital referrals continuing to accelerate across Ontario, reaching more healthcare providers and helping to improve care and health outcomes for more patients. Think firmly believes in streamlining patient care and improving access to the best care for everyone. Digitizing the antiquated process of paper-based referrals is part of that. 

“With this growth, we are one step closer to axing the fax in Ontario’s healthcare system. We look forward to eliminating the need for fax machines in healthcare right across the country.” 

The increased access to digital referrals supports the sustainability of the program throughout Ontario, giving providers and patients confidence to count on this digital-based system in the future. Think is proud to play a part in reducing patient wait times and improving the patient experience, and is confident that this initiative has the ability to be scaled across other provinces.

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