Doctor and patient talking virtually using computer

VirtualCare Update: Improved Call Quality and New Features

Simplified features enhance patient and practitioner experience

Virtual care has become an essential part of healthcare, and with the number of virtual visits skyrocketing – in February 2020, 48% of physicians had provided at least one virtual care service; by September, that number increased to 83% – ensuring both patient and healthcare provider enjoy a seamless experience is essential.

To support exceptional virtual visits, we’ve upgraded our VirtualCare service to run on a new teleconferencing technology that supports improved connection quality along with secure video conferencing, chat, and calls. We’ve also incorporated a number of new functionalities and simplified the control buttons to enhance communication and eliminate pain points previously experienced.

What’s New with VirtualCare?

  • Enhanced audio/video experience

We’ve improved sound and video quality to support a more seamless connection between participants during visits to help maximize the experience.  

  • In-call screen sharing 

All call participants can now share their screen to review information, care plans, etc. together during the visit.

  • In-call notation 

Healthcare providers will see a Note icon on the bottom right of their screen. Clicking this will open a Notes panel displaying details about the patient and the visit. This is visible only to healthcare providers, however they can add notes to the visit for the patient to review.

  • Improved login experience

Now, prior to joining a call, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can test and troubleshoot your camera and microphone to ensure both are working properly. This will help limit or prevent any technical difficulties or delays occurring during the virtual visit that could interfere with patient care.

These changes support improved communication between patient and healthcare provider and ensure virtual visits are as impactful as possible. Find out more about VirtualCare and how it can benefit your practice — book a demo today.

Existing users can find guidance on the new features in our Help Centre.