TORONTO, June 21, 2023 – Think Research Corporation (TSXV: THNK) (“TRC” or the “Company“), a company focused on transforming healthcare through digital health software solutions, is pleased to announce that Pharmapod, Think’s medication incident management solution is expanding into New Brunswick’s OMNI Quality Living Ltd. (OMNI) facilities.¬†This is an expansion of the existing contract for OMNI’s Long Term Care homes in Ontario.

Pharmapod is being rolled out to new locations in New Brunswick for the first time, enabling staff to report all medication incidents or near-miss events that occur. The platform seamlessly links home and pharmacy data, allowing OMNI staff to analyze, identify and prevent risk. Pharmapod also ensures compliance with various regulatory requirements in most jurisdictions in which it is deployed, including New Brunswick.

Sachin Aggarwal, CEO at Think Research said, “Our Pharmapod solution is providing pharmacists across North America with essential data to help them to manage medication risks and to deliver better outcomes for patients who are prescribed medications. We are very pleased that existing clients like OMNI continue to expand the Pharmapod solution to help residents in new jurisdictions like New Brunswick.” 

Pharmapod provides real-time analytics that allow healthcare institutions and care homes to quickly identify the root causes of safety events. Aggregated, anonymized incident data can be shared with key stakeholders and benchmarked across local and corporate levels, ensuring best practice in quality and compliance.

Pharmapod is the leading cloud-based Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) solution for driving efficiencies and reducing patient safety incidents in community pharmacies, care homes, and hospital settings. Built by pharmacists for pharmacists, our technology is used globally by industry leaders, regulators, and national healthcare providers to promote data-driven innovation, safety and quality improvements. Visit

Learn more about our work with OMNI Quality Living Ltd. here:

About Think Research Corporation

Think Research Corporation is an industry leader in delivering knowledge-based digital health software solutions. The Company’s focused mission is to organize the world’s health knowledge so everyone gets the best care. Its evidence-based healthcare technology solutions support the clinical decision-making process and standardization of care to facilitate better health care outcomes. The Company gathers, develops, and delivers knowledge-based solutions globally to customers including enterprise clients, hospitals, health regions, healthcare professionals, and / or governments. The Company has gathered a significant amount of data by building its repository of knowledge through its network and group of companies.

Think licenses its solutions to over 14,200 facilities for over 320,000 primary care, acute care, and long-term care doctors, nurses and pharmacists that rely on the content and data provided by Think to support their practices.  Millions of patients and residents annually receive better care due to the essential data that Think produces, manages and delivers.

In addition, the Company collects and manages pharmaceutical and clinical trial data via its BioPharma Services subsidiary.  BioPharma Services is a leading provider of bioequivalence and Phase 1 clinical research services to pharmaceutical companies globally. Think’s other services include a network of digital-first primary care clinics and medical clinics that provide elective surgery. Visit

About OMNI

At OMNI Quality Living, our passion is people. Established in 1975, OMNI is one of the more prominent and trusted operators of long-term care and retirement homes in Canada, with 22 residences across Ontario and New Brunswick. Visit