Our patient engagement platform allows health care providers, specialists, allied health and community support workers, and others to provide virtual care through text messaging, audio-video conferencing, and secure document sharing.

VirtualCare makes it quick and easy for you to deliver basic care like routine follow-ups and sharing lab results and prescriptions. Instead of requiring an in-clinic visit, these activities can be conducted virtually in the time between regular appointments.


eForms replaces outdated paper forms with a comprehensive digital solution letting you easily capture information while improving your workflow. Reduce completion times and error rates, expedite consent capture, and strengthen compliance while reducing costs.

eForms provides real-time analytics letting you track resident volumes, signature adherence, and compliance. You can install eForms in weeks, not months, with all your existing forms perfectly recreated.

Turn forms into key results. eForms users spend up to 65 percent less time on form workflows, and realize a two-fold return on investment within a year.


eReferrals is a quick and easy service that allows physicians to find and refer specialists directly from most EMR systems, while keeping patients informed.

Evidence-based clinical guidelines are incorporated directly into the forms, reducing the likelihood of inappropriate referrals right at the point of care.

eReferrals replaces outdated fax referrals with a smart, comprehensive and secure digital referrals platform.

Digital Front Door

Digital Front Door is a patient engagement platform enabling healthcare organizations to provide access to care and health information through a single digital service window.

Digital Front Door improves access by providing patients and providers a central hub enabling access to health information, advice, triage, digitally enabled care, continuous care and more.


Pharmapod is the global cloud-based, business intelligence tool for patient safety and clinical services, specializing in medication incident management in pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, community, long-term care, and hospital settings.

Pharmapod increases accurate reporting, enables improvements at scale, and supports improved inspection and quality processes.

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