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Save time with best practice embedded in your documentation

Progress Notes lets you quickly and easily document key patient information in a single note shared across your team.

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Progress Notes™ helps your frontline clinical teams align their documentation with best practice in a standardized digital note shared across all team members.

Traditional patient documentation is widely recognized as a major contributor to clinician burnout that pulls attention away from patient care.

Progress Notes makes documenting and finding patient information easy, improves communication, and keeps you focused on your patient by:

  • Embedding best-practice clinical guidance
  • Eliminating “note bloat” with accurately recorded patient information in a concise, history-rich digital note
  • Reducing incidents of missing information
  • Increasing note clarity and making quick reads easier

Discover how standardized documentation can assist your practice and help enhance your overall quality of care.

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What sets Progress Notes apart?

Progress Notes is built to speed up documentation and assist your documentation workflow. More than just a digital notation tool, Progress Notes is a sophisticated cloud-based solution that incorporates embedded best-practice clinical modules around how to diagnose, treat, and prognosticate for your patient.

Progress Notes supports you in enhancing quality of care by providing rich context and medical history for improved assessment and planning. This collaboration increases knowledge across teams during rounds and simplifies transition during patient handoffs.

Progress Notes can assist your team’s COVID-19 response through its standardized documentation approach. Our COVID-19 clinical modules are drawn from peer-reviewed clinical sources and support your team in building effective documentation to spot emerging trends and best practice.

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Connected technology

End-to-end deployment support: Meet your goals, no matter where you are in your patient documentation journey. We provide infrastructure, project management, and change management support to enable adoption, benefits, and tangible progress.

Collaborative clinical network: Share insight, best practices, and local customization with your clinical peers across the globe. Through TxConnect, you can access Progress Note modules to learn how hospitals across our network are adapting content to meet their needs.

Clinical knowledge

Incorporates clinical modules: Progress Notes map to our clinical library of over 1,000 up-to-date order sets and care pathways for discrete linking between treatment and diagnosis. These modules structure your patient’s clinical problems, prioritize care decisions, integrate applicable test results, and build coherence and logic to your care plan.

Pinpoint key information: Highlight key details quickly and eliminate redundant information, reducing the time you spend looking for information. Instead, focus on your patient while enabling smoother hand-offs and transfers.

Strategic impact

Improved alignment: Progress Notes maximizes alignment to payer or regulator standards, increasing revenue capture while mitigating organizational risk through appropriate documentation. It can help your organization shift from a capacity-based model to bundled payments and ultimately to value-based care.

Health system analytics: Get aggregated treatment data at the system level with standardized reporting, real-time analytics, and actionable insights for your clinical practice and health system assessment.

Save Time by Standardizing Your Clinical Documentation

How Progress Notes Helps

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Frontline clinicians and allied health specialists

  • Standardize your clinical documentation, reducing duplicate and redundant information
  • Track patient profiles more accurately. Share progress and health information across your entire care team, who can access and modify the profile
  • Reduce patient documentation time to 5 to 10 minutes compared to 30 minutes or more previously

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  • Ensure every patient note meets all legal requirements
  • Eliminate need to manually translate billing codes, now automatically embedded
  • Support hospital accreditation and continuous quality improvement

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Health systems

  • Enhance patient safety by reducing information loss or omissions at key care moments
  • Increase opportunity for revenue capture by demonstrating and documenting your diligence, interpretation, and impacted plan of care
  • Align documentation to care costing and assist funding model transformation


Saves clinicians’ time

Progress Notes speeds up the documentation process by ensuring it’s always accurate and complete. All required information is embedded in a single patient note that’s up to 50 percent faster to complete and can improve clinician-patient attendance time by up to 25 percent.

Improved patient care

Progress Notes helps improve patient care by making complete, clear, and succinct documentation easily accessed across teams. This mitigates risk and facilitates collaboration as team members have a centralized and updated source of patient information. For patient discharge, Progress Notes creates a discharge summary with complete treatment information, streamlining the transition to community care and other vital supports.

Expedites billing

Progress Notes simplifies billing and coding for administrators by automatically including required information in a standardized digital note format using embedded codes. This makes billing entry easier and eliminates time spent tracking down missing information.

Ensure best-practice COVID-19 response

Patients with severe COVID-19 cases may require hospital stays of 18 to 20 days or longer; documentation can become a burden for overextended healthcare teams. Progress Notes reduces this impact while assisting you in providing a standardized COVID-19 approach.

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Progress Notes

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Case Study

How Ireland’s Wexford General Hospital delivered digital clinical noting in an acute unscheduled care environment

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Compatible with Think Research’s healthcare cloud

Progress Notes™ is accessed Think Research’s cloud healthcare platform, EntryPoint, enabling Progress Notes to access patient information, medical and allergy information, and hospital directory information. EntryPoint provides a single point of access that is system agnostic and HIPPA/PHIPA compliant. Flexible to work at any scale, EntryPoint facilitates the delivery of equitable, high-quality, and cost-effective care, from small rural hospitals to large urban health centres.