Standardization is key in long-term care. It’s shown to improve residents’ health outcomes, help staff deliver the best evidence-based care, and offer consistency of practice. Our Clinical Support Tools are designed to do just that, and users confirm the CSTs are helping them. 

We recently conducted our annual Ontario Long-Term Care Clinical Support Tools Program survey, which revealed that nine in 10 users said the CSTs helped them deliver standardized best-practice care. The survey also saw a record number of responses from users at long-term care homes.

The CST Program team extends their thanks to everyone who participated. Your valuable feedback helps us improve the CSTs.

Some of the key results include:

  • 91% indicated CSTs improved their ability to provide evidence-based care
  • 88% indicated CSTs increased their ability to care for residents at the end of life
  • 86% indicated CSTs increased their knowledge of the CST condition
  • 82% of nurses said  the CSTs have benefited their overall practice

We also gathered some great testimonials that detail the positive impact the CSTs make on care quality and home operations.

“The (CST) information is used to engage family members in supportive care of their loved one. Staff are being engaged by the use of standardized information that is based on evidence.”

“Very appreciative of the streamlined CSTs. Evidence-based and succinct.”

“We have been using the Palliative and the COPD (CSTs) for a while now and we are just starting to initiate the wound and skin this month. Love that the CST standardizes the documentation process and generates the progress notes from your assessments.”

“The Diabetes Protocol, hyper and hypoglycemia CSTs have been excellent in supporting nurses to prevent hospitalization and adjust treatment that stabilized resident’s care.”

“CSTs have improved resident-focused practice and are comprehensive.”

Thank you again to everyone who took time to complete the survey. Your direct and honest feedback is valuable to us.

You can contact us today to receive more information on the Clinical Support Tools for Long-Term Care Program or request a CST be added to a participating home’s CST library.