Ontario Long-Term Care Clinical
Support Tools Program

The Clinical Support Tools program brings best practices at the point of care via actionable clinical guidelines, streamlining workflow for front line care providers and improving outcomes for Ontario’s long-term care residents.


Offers clinical guidance across the care team through actionable guidelines available directly in your EMR.


We are creating a provincial network of sharing by scaling knowledge across Ontario through a library of evidence-based clinical content.


Improves communication and clinical documentation to close communication gaps and best inform decision making for resident care.


With standardized clinical content and visual indicators to identify best practices, we are able to extract data to inform local quality improvement initiatives and provide valuable insights into sector and resident needs.

We provide multidisciplinary clinical support for point-of-care decision making through your EMR or through Think Research’s EntryPoint platform.

When you choose to participate in the program, your home will have access to Think Research’s clinical implementation specialists and project managers to ensure the Clinical Support Tools meet your staff and resident’s needs and to provide analytics to drive quality improvement initiatives.

The Clinical Support Tools offer guidance to front line care providers through clear visual indicators and actionable clinical guidelines at the point of care. Our goal is to help standardize the tools and clinical content that is available to long-term care providers for quality improvement initiatives and eventually better equip the sector for success.

As the clinical support specialist, Think Research is working with:

How to Get Involved

To receive more information about this innovative provincial program and/or join, please contact LTC@thinkresearch.com.