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Complete Your Assessments and Forms Digitally in VirtualCare

New VirtualCare Assessments transforms document and form management

Assessments, intake and other forms are critical to providing effective care – they gather essential patient or client information and help clinicians and other providers monitor and manage their wellbeing over time.

But despite being such a vital tool, many mental health professionals still rely on outdated paper documents, resulting in time lost to managing documentation and unnecessary complexities around completion.

Now there is a better way.

With VirtualCare Assessments, an add-on feature to VirtualCare, key forms such as common mental health assessments and forms can be managed, assigned and completed within VirtualCare. VirtualCare Assessments is now available for mental health professionals, and we are working on expanding it to other VirtualCare users in future.

A smart solution

VirtualCare Assessments is a new way to capture and securely store and manage your patient data and clinical information. This integrated solution uses intuitive digital versions of your existing forms and assessments, eliminates opportunity for errors when transcribing forms, and allows providers to spend more time focusing on care.

VirtualCare Assessments makes it easy for providers to send clients commonly used intake forms and assessments, including Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) and General Anxiety Disorder (GAD-7), from inside VirtualCare.

Assessments can be single-use (e.g. initial intake forms) or scheduled on a recurring basis to support accurate, up-to-date assessments and patient self-reporting. Assessments can also be sent during virtual visits, allowing providers or clients to complete them in the moment, removing any potential barriers or bottlenecks to care, while providing an up-to-date look at the client’s health. 

Screenshot of VirtualCare Assessments platform

By switching to digital forms, providers can also:

  • Easily review which assessments a client has been assigned
  • Manage which assessments have been completed
  • Update or add assessments, complete or delete forms, and change due dates based on changes to patient care

When assessments are added, clients automatically receive a secure email notifying them a form is awaiting completion.

Available forms and assessments

Currently, VirtualCare Assessments offers three packages that address some of the most commonly used assessments in mental health, including: 

Intake Package 

  • Consent to Service: agreement of informed consent that highlights the clinical services offered, assurance of confidentiality statement, fees & cancellation policy, and a section for obtaining informed patient consent
  • Consent to Disclose: consent to disclose personal health information 
  • Intake: general intake info including referred by, medical history, address, patient’s background and concerns, current medications, family origins, reason for appointment, when concern first began, goals for this service

Invoicing Package 

  • Invoice: for payment, includes provider information, session information such as date, time, and associated fees and space for providers to electronically sign
  • Receipt: includes the same information as the invoice so patients can easily save and send a PDF copy to their insurance provider 

Mental Health Assessment Package 

  • Patient Health Questionnaire-9: brief, self-administered questionnaire that assesses depression symptoms. 
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7: used to measure or assess the severity of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Each item asks the individual to rate the severity of their symptoms over the past two weeks.

It’s time to ditch outdated paper forms and embrace a streamlined solution that lets you securely manage your assessments and forms. Find out more by contacting us or booking a demo, or sign up for VirtualCare Assessments today.