Digital Form Solutions for Acute Care Workflows

eForms for Acute Care transforms your form workflows by digitizing hospital forms like intake assessments, inter-department documents and patient consent with our streamlined digital platform.

Removing barriers to timely, accurate data collection is key for high-quality care. It’s time to bring your hospital’s forms into the 21st century to save time and money.

Replacing paper forms with a digital integrated platform ensures form data is properly captured and shared with the systems and teams that need it.

As hospitals resume normal operations, it is more important than ever that information from form workflows be collected accurately and made available immediately to providers, teams and other staff.

eForms for Acute Care supports hospitals in realizing productivity improvements and cost-savings from transferring your paper forms to an accessible, intuitive, digital-first platform. eForms clients have reported up to 65% improved productivity in their form workflows1.

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1Source: Think Research data from 300+ eForms care-home clients.


Easy Setup: End-to-end support and implementation process ensures your paper forms go digital without a hitch, including change management assistance.

Capture Patient Consent: eForms supports a simplified digital patient consent workflow assisted by DocuSign technology, with forms completed via computer or tablet in-hospital or remotely.

Pixel-Perfect Forms: Convert your forms into pixel-perfect, digital versions aligned to your existing processes and optimized to your workflow needs.

Secure Storage: Easily access signed forms through our web-based interface. eForms is backed by enterprise security and is PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant.

Data-Driven Analytics: Data-rich digital documents are backed by real-time tracking, reports and analytics dashboards. Track signatures, compliance metrics, adoption and more.


Save Time: eForms clients have reported up to 65% improved productivity in form workflows1. Digital form fields are prepopulated with HL7 data from your EMR, eliminating duplicate data entry and cutting completion times.

Forms Digitized for You: Our support team, not your IT department, transforms your paper forms into 1:1 digital versions.

Suitable for High-Use Forms: Easily digitize key forms like intake assessments, policy approvals and inter-departmental documents, for high-impact productivity gains.

Identify Bottlenecks: View analytics dashboards at the macro-to-micro level, generating insights for workflow improvements and exposing inefficiencies.

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