What’s in it for Me? Why Complete a Pharmacy Safety Self Assessment?

Pharmacy Safety Self Assessments (PSSA) are a crucial tool to help pharmacies in Canada and around the world improve patient safety. PSSAs enable you to proactively identify gaps in pharmacy processes where improvements can be made, both for patient safety and efficiencies.

But how can you make the most of this CQI tool? What’s the easiest way to identify process problems and make improvements? How can you ensure you’re meeting regulatory reporting requirements?

Watch as our expert Carla Beaton:

  • Explains how to identify potential process risks that every pharmacy has and areas needing improvement
  • Offers top tips for completing PSSA reports
  • Reviews real-world incidents where process errors led to patient harm
  • Highlights the capabilities of online assessment tools


Watch the webinar teaser to hear Carla share ideas on how to reset customer expectations to help bust the burnout in busy pharmacies.


Your host:

Carla Beaton headshot

Carla Beaton
VP Quality Improvements & Innovations at Pharmapod

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